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Intellectual Property

With a global increasing recognition of Intellectual Property in these years, there is also an urgent nee…


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Technology Valuation

Upon the success of CtR Intellectual Property (IP) Company Limited, CtR Technology Valuation Company Limited has be….


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Product Development

CtR Product Development Ltd is a Professional for the 3 main business as Intellectual Property Service, Industrial Des….


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About Hong Kong SAR Patent Application Grant (PAG)

CtR is an authorized patent agent in Patent Application Grant (PAG) launched by the Hong Kong SAR Innovation and Technology Commission(ITC). And we support the relevant services such as each procedure, review and draft the Patentability Advice (“專利可行性意見”).

Apart from providing Intellectual Property Consultancy and Patent Valuation Service, CtR also finds solutions on ways to reduce cost throughout the patent application process.